Vitamin C Ester Skin Care

Vitamin C Ester Skin Care, the golden vitamin

Vitamin C Ester has been proven to work wonders for anti-aging. It is a vitamin C formula that consists of a high concentration of natural metabolites which increase the absorption of vitamin C into the skin. It is formed to stay in your white blood cells helping to support your immune system also. Ester-C is a PH neutral product and therefore is gentle on the stomach which is an excellent quality as many people find vitamin C can be heavy on the stomach. The main ingredient is calcium ascorbate, the calcium makes it less acidic. health-621353_1280

Additionally, it enhances the production of collagen (see collagen page to see why it is so good for you!). Because of it’s amazing property to give your collagen a good old boost, it smooths the texture of the skin and gives it a firm lifted appearance because collagen is the framework to luminous young skin. There are many products that are selling this in a cream or serum and also in the form of capsules. It has been talked about a lot recently but for a good reason. Although, their is little scientific evidence that proves vitamin C Ester is better than the “normal” vitamin C, users of it seem very happy with the results of C Ester.