Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum

Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum: “Good but not the best”

Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum – An unbiased Review.

Brand: Pure Body Naturals.Best Anti-Aging Serum
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon (save $64.00).
Skin type: All skin types.
Usable: Day/Night.
Sun damage, fade age spots, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines.
3 months full warranty.
20% vitamin C, vitamin E, pure vegan hyaluronic acid and vitamin A.
5000+ reviews at Amazon.
Cruelty free, highly natural and organic, paraben free, GMP certified and FDA approved.
Our rating:
4.2 out of 5.


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Why is Age Beautifully Skin Care unbiased?

There are thousands of products out there that guarantee helping your skin. However, most products that are sold on websites are selling there own products. They have to be loyal to their own brand and that can make the information unreliable at times. Age Beautifully Skin Care does not work for any brand. We are here to provide you with the best information without choosing the side of a particular brand so that you don’t have to do everything yourself which you probably know can be quite time consuming. We have given this product to multiple people and read many reviews before writing this recommendation to make sure what the effects are.

The right volume and combination of ingredients that work!

Most products have certain ingredients in it that can help your skin age beautifully. However, not all ingredients in products work as good as ones in other products. This is because the volume and percentage of that ingredient is not the same in every product which have a great influence on the efficiency of the product. Furthermore, ivit c pinkt is very important to have ingredients in a product that interact with each other.

This product has the right volume and combination of ingredients. It has vitamin C with vitamin E. These vitamins work together to make the serum’s anti-oxidant properties super powerful. It contains hyaluronic acid in the form of a serum. This is important since hyaluronic acid does not penetrate the skin quite so easily, but serums are very light (with small molecules) so it can be absorbed deep into the skin. Furthermore, there is 20% of vitamin C in the product. Vitamin C should never be more then 20% in skin care products since vitamin C can have side effects if it has more then 20% . Most products that contain 20% of vitamin C are efficient without any side effects. The amount of hyaluronic acid is the right amount as well. Hyaluronic acid should be between 2-4% in products to have the right efficiency.

Cheap, good product, 3 months warranty – We love it and suggestadult-18792_1280 it.

After analyzing hundreds of anti-aging products we have come to the conclusion that this product is probably the most reliable to age beautifully regarding general aging issues. After reading all reviews on amazon, trying out this product on multiple people and knowing that all the ingredients have proven results to age beautifully, it is clear it is a must try. It is the #1 selling anti-aging product! We are very excited about this serum :).

Any bad sides?

We read a handful of reviews (out of the thousands) that people experienced irritation on their skin. The chance that you would get any irritations is less than 1% but it does mean that it is not made for everybody. This could be because they are very sensitive to vitamin C. This is quite uncommon, but if you have had irritation with vitamin C products before that contained less than 20% vitamin C we suggest products that don’t contain this vitamin. It could also be due to the fact that this product has a little bit of vitamin A in it. Mixing vitamin C with vitamin A could irritate the skin, but the amount of vitamin A in this product is so small that it is very unlikely to have bad side effects due to this combination.

FDA and GMP approved

We make sure that the products we recommend are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. This means that the process of the creation is fully controlled and approved to have safe ingredients. If it’s FDA approved it does not mean the brand has been approved but only the product itself which is very good. Furthermore, it means that FDA experts have independently researched the results of the tests done on the product. FDA experts approve the product when the benefits are stronger than the risk. They don’t take this lightly and it usually means that there is no risk unless people are very sensitive to a certain ingredient or have an allergy to that ingredient. Because of this it is important that people know what ingredient they are very sensitive to which is the case for any new product you want to buy.

Solving small issues if they arise…

For anti-aging products to work they have to be a little strong. This product can cause a little bit of dry skin for a very small amount of people. For this reason we suggest you always use sunscreen or a moisturizing cream. The good side of stronger products is that they don’t have to be used all the time. A few days a week can already have a significant effect on the skin.

If you use it in the day it would be good to use sunscreen that contains zinc oxide with the product. This goes for almost all anti-aging products that can be used in the day by the way! Click here for a good sunscreen with zinc oxide.

In general, there are very little bad sides to this product, but as in any other anti-aging product there could be some side effects (happens to less than 1% of the people).


Our conclusion is that this is a good product we have found for general aging issues or to prevent your skin from aging and that you should definitely try it :). We hope you found this review useful and you can always ask us questions or leave a review by commenting on this page.

Best wishes,

Paul & Rachel,

Founders of Age Beautifully Skin Care

27 thoughts on “Vitamin C Anti-aging Serum: “Good but not the best”

  1. I’m grateful that we age well in my family. We don’t have a lot of issues with wrinkles. I’m glad because every product says it helps defy aging or slow down the aging process yet most don’t deliver.

    I don’t know if I would use this product. I would consider it though in later years when I start seeing wrinkles and other signs of aging. Can you tell me how long it takes before I would see results?


    1. Dear Rawl, I’m glad to hear your family ages well. It can take up to a day to a few weeks. It depends on the person. Wrinkles get repaired slower then dark circles for example as well. I hope you won’t get wrinkles you don’t like, but don’t forget that preventing wrinkles is more powerful then reparing it. I hope I could be of help to you :).

  2. People never knew how old my mother was because her skin looked of that someone at least ten years younger than her. I think I’m too young to be worrying about anti-aging serum… or am I? But I hope that someday my skin looks as young as my mother’s did.

  3. In my family my parents never look their age and it the same with me too. The fact that there is a anti-aging serum that is cheap and doesn’t have the hype like to others have appeals to me. And the fact that you tell them that some people may have skin irritation is less than 1% is good too. This will be something that I will look into more.

  4. Great review on this product! I have never seen this serum before and I am looking for one that works! So many big brands such a Clarins sell their serums for £70+ and i have used them before and not been so impressed. I think for this price, I would definitely try it.

  5. I appreciate your honesty about how not all anti-aging products work for everybody. I learned something new about Vitamin C allergy and how to find products you can use. The colors of this site evoke a clean, fresh, youthful feeling-very appropriate for it!

  6. hi Paul and Rachel
    I have to say that I had never heard of Pure Body Naturals as a brand. But this particular serum does seem to include great anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. I am also picky about what I use on my skin as my skin tends to be sensitive. I have tried many products over the years and as most people, I tend to remain loyal to a few. But this particular product, with a very good price might I add, could be worth a try!

  7. Hello Paul and Rachel ,
    I’ve read your post of the Anti-aging Serum . I thought you had a very good presentation of the product.
    from the reading of the product and also from your reply to the comment you received I was impressed how well you answered the comments and how knowledgeable you were about the product . The review includes a lot of information about the product and the pros and cons were very well executed .

    I agree with ProMotion8’s statement ” The colors of this site evoke a clean, fresh, youthful feeling-very appropriate for it! “. This is so true. I would to suggest that you add a few more images to the page. But other than that one thing you have done well and posted a very good review. Keep up the excellent work .
    Good Luck ,

  8. Some products work wonders on some and disastrous results to others. I think you need to know whether you might be allergic or not to its constituents. But if it works for most people, then it must be reliable.

    1. It is definitely important to know your allergies. If you don’t know your allergies you can always apply a tiny bit of serum or cream on the back of your ear, because this area is sensitive and nobody can see it. I hope I have been of help. Greetings, Paul

  9. You’ve done a great job with this review.

    You have described the products very thoroughly which really helps us, the readers, to make a decision as to whether this product is right for them.

    I enjoyed reading this review. Well done and keep up the good work!

  10. love your sight and products going to be 34 next year and i think i get 3 wrinkles a year and lots more hair loss going to view other pages and get me some beuty products

  11. I really liked this review. As I start to age my main concern is not having baggy eyes. It is time to take preventative measures. I have bookmarked your website.

  12. Thanks for this review. I stumbled across this article because for the first time I am starting to look old!
    It happened so suddenly, this year in fact. I turned 36 in April and just in the last few months I am really starting to feel old and haggard.
    I guess it is time to start investing in some anti-aging products. This Pure Body Naturals Vitamin C Serum really looks like it is great, I’ll have to give it a try and let you know if it makes any difference for me.

  13. Lovely website! I love the layout. Also, the soft teal with in front of the gray really bring out the text 🙂 skin care is such an essential part of hygiene. You covered many points of these products in this article and for that I thank you! I will be back.

  14. Exposure to the sun (and a less-than-healthy lifestyle) are starting to cause wrinkles and signs of age on my face. I’m thinking of trying some kind of product to slow the process, but I’ve heard that there can be different results for men than for women. Is there any truth to this? If so, will Pure Body Naturals still work for men?

    1. Dear HipStar,
      We suggest you take a look at our article about sun damage for possible solutions. Furthermore, there is a difference between men and women in terms of skin. Man mainly have 25% thicker skin (more testosteron) and their skin is more oily. However, this product is for all skin types which includes the skin of men. In general you can use the same skin care products for both men and women. It depends on the purpose of the product. If you have oily skin you should always chek if products are for all skin types or specially for oily skin. This product does wonders for men and women of all skin types. You can always try it and return it if you don’t like it. Starting to live healthy is more important though! This will make the products also more effective.

  15. Hello, a very captivating review. It is true that there are a lot of products out there most of which are endorsed by the company they are affiliated with. Having an independent point of view is very important. A very good idea. I trust that this serum targets a particular age group or is it general?

    1. Dear Baljeet,
      Thanks for the compliment. One of the reasons why we made a review about this product is because this serum targets alle ages and skin types. We are currently busy with qualitative product research that targets specific skin types and ages. Best regards, Paul

  16. I really enjoyed your unbiased review in part because you so candidly report that there is a 1% chance that your skin would be irritated when using this Vitamin C serum. I’m glad too that you state it is FDA approved. That approval means a lot to me because it says a lot about what the company has done to make that product safe.

    Being over 50 myself, I think this is something I might have to give a try. Thank you

    1. I am glad to hear you like the review. Any vitamin C cream or serum has a small chance of irritating effects. The chance of having an irritating effect is indeed 1% and whenever you see products that contain more than 20% vitamin C you should not buy it. The best thing to do is putting a little bit of the serum at the back of your ear on the skin of your head. This spot is sensitive and it doesn’t show. This way you can see how the product works on you.

  17. Hi Rachel&Paul;,
    I had not heard about Pure Body Naturals before reading this and it sounds like a lot of good research has gone into choosing the correct combination of ingredients. I didn’t know vitamin C should never be more than 20%. I just assumed the more the better. LOL. I have very sensitive skin and I currently use a brand called Liz Earle which agree with my skin. I am always looking for good products and i’ve saved this to my list. Thanks.

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