Foreo Luna Product Review

Foreo Luna Product Review- The Best Exfoliator & Cleanser?

What on Earth is Foreo Luna?

Well, well, well the sophisticated Swedes have done it again and amazed the skin care- obsessed people with the Foreo Luna exfoliator machine. The cute shower brush (picture below) works to cleanse and exfoliate away dead skin cells revealing younger skin underneath and has an anti-aging mode which diminishes the look of wrinkles and fine lines!

The Foreo Luna makers claim that this skin care tool is super advanced and innovative due to the technology. The gentle pulsations are meant to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Also, if you put the facial brush on wrinkle-prone areas then it should make them appear less deep and put a stop to other lines cropping up.

Foreo Luna Product Review

Too good to be true?

At Age Beautifully we’re skeptical about everything so we put it to the test! We split the review up into 5 digestible subheadings:

-What skin issues it solved and what could be improved
-If the technology behind it actually worked- the material of the product and how hygienic it is
-How easy it was to use
-Real testimonials to back  up what we found
-Most importantly the price, if it’s worth it and the warranty

So here’s what we found out…

1. What skin issues did it solve & what didn’t it solve?

So we (Age Beautifully founders and some clients) tried the Foreo Luna. Each of us used it for 1 week in the shower, once a day. In that time we found many improvements:

– The most noticeable thing was that skin felt cleaner, less oily, less grimy and ultra smooth.
– A layer of dirt and dead skin cells were wiped away super effectively without having to scrub harshly.
– For oily skin users, skin appeared more mattified and radiant rather than greasy.
– Younger, fresher skin was revealed after the exfoliating and cleansing.
– Fine lines and wrinkles appeared less deep.
– Skin felt tighter and firmer.
– It unclogged pores making them appear smaller preventing zits
– As the machine cleanses so deeply, other skin products seemed to work better.
– There are brushes for each time of skin: combination, sensitive and one for ultra sensitive skin so the skin was not irritated at all. The different types are pictured below, as you can see the heads are different depending on the skin type it’s for:

What things didn’t improve:

-Personally, I have dry skin patches in the winter and the Foreo Luna didn’t get rid of then. But I used a moisturizer after exfoliating and that did the trick.
-Wrinkles did not disappear. This is what we anticipated as there is no miracle brush that takes care of this…yet! However, skin was tighter and wrinkles seemed more “ironed out”. A powerful anti-aging cream to pair the Foreo Luna with is LifeCell.

2. The technology behind Foreo Luna

The technology in this product is pretty impressive. There are 8,000 pulsations in the silicone brush which exfoliates the skin but is very gentle.

The fact that it’s silicone means that it slides easily over the skin and makes it okay to use every day. If it was a harsher material, it would not be suitable for everyday use. Also because of the high-quality silicone, the brush does not have any bacteria build up which happens to many other exfoliating tools such as gloves or sponges. The Foreo Luna is a super hygienic way of washing your face. So a big thumbs up there!

It’s a very compact and safe device to use making it a very impressive and ultra-sanitary way to cleanse and exfoliate.

3. Ease of use

If you’re worried about using a new device (like us) then don’t worry. This machine was built for simplicity.

The sophisticated Swedish design makes it super easy to use. Here’s how:                                                                              1. Apply your favorite cleanser! Grab your Foreo Luna and apply the bumpy side to your face in circular motions.
There are 8 speeds, chose your fave and enjoy!
It says to use it for one minute but I like to use it for 2 to 3 mins. that, change your Luna to the anti-aging mode.
Apply the anti-aging side (not the bumpy side!) to wrinkle-prone areas.
It says for a total of 1 min but I’d say 2 mins.

We also loved that the Foreo Luna charges and the battery lasts for a long time (one full charge- around 400 washes). It’s small too making it perfect for a holiday. Here is the full chic package: even comes with a protective cover making it hygienic, modern and feminine. Love it!

We also found using the facial brush was easier than normal exfoliating as it took less time with far better results.

4. Testimonials

At Age Beautifully, we want to know what the public think, not just us. Here are some inspirational reviews which correlated with what we found:

5. Worth your buck?

Most importantly, was it worth our money? After reviewing everything, the answer is, yes, it was well worth it. The price of the entire package is $149- including a 2-year warranty and a 10-year quality guarantee. That’s an amazing guarantee which proves that the company is not afraid of it not working! One decade of radiant skin, we’re in!

The price may seem a tad pricey but it works out super cheap even if you have it for two years as you can use it every day as part of your effortless skincare and anti-aging routine. 

The final verdict…

We think the Foreo Luna is must have for every woman who wants to improve their skin by using it for 2 mins in the shower. It’s far more hygienic than a sponge or glove that’ll gather bacteria, it saves money in the long run as you won’t have to go to the salon for facials and it will work really well with your anti-aging cream giving you a younger complexion.

Because of those reasons, Foreo Luna is by far the best exfoliating machines out there, so far!

Our rating: 4.95

Not sure? No problem, you can learn more about Foreo Luna on the official site by clicking here. 

Or want to know more about why you should exfoliate & cleanse? Read this article!

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