Christie Brinkley Skin Care Tips

Christie Brinkley Skin Care Tips

Christie Brinkley Skin Care Tips

The absolutely stunning Christie Brinkley is shocking the world because of her breath-taking youthful look and how she exudes positivity wherever she goes. She is… are you ready for it? 62! But might as well be going on 32 with that flawless wrinkle-free skin.

So if she can chop off at least 30 years off her look then why can’t we? We’re lucky Christie Brinkley has revealed her revitalising and rejuvenating techniques to get her feeling and looking youthful and damn right sassy!

So let’s see shall we? You’re basically like 10 minutes away from knowing exactly how to get the skin and body you dream about and that you deserve. The best thing? No expensive treatments or surgery involved or crazy diets!

Brinkley’s Tips and Tricks: 

Vegetarian Lifestyle

Christie Brinkley Skin Care TipsDitching the meat for mountains of fruits and vegetables could be the reason for Christie’s super skin. She swears by her vegetarian diet which is full of antioxidants which are excellent for the skin as they put a stop to oxidative stress, hold off aging, and repair and rejuvenate skin cells.

Right now, people are eating too much fatty food with “empty” calories meaning the foods we eat are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals for the skin and body to work well which shows all over the face. So swap that pasta bolognese for a veggie curry and reap the benefits of all the antioxidant-rich foods.

We now know that antioxidants fight wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs so incorporate them into your daily diet. Demi Moore and Jennifer Lopez are also lovers of the plant-based diet movement and they seem to be defying gravity just fine!


Christie Brinkley Skin Care Tips
One of the most important things when it comes to skin care is exfoliating. Seriously. No joke. Christie Brinkley is so right for saying this. Getting rid of that layer of daily grime and dead skin cells is essential to expose new sexy skin underneath and promote cell turnover.

Interested in one of the best exfoliating machines? Click here for a product review on one of our favourites.

Exfoliating 3-4 times a week will make a huge difference to your face! Starting as young as 20 is always a bonus!


Christie Brinkley Skin Care Tips

In another article, Christie Brinkley explains how yoga is great for her mind, body, and soul. Yoga promotes healthy weight loss and weight stability, builds lean muscle and helps relieve stress. Stress can be written all over your face so reducing it can be a big game-changer for your skin, hair, body and mind.

Christie Brinkley works out every day incorporating yoga and light-weight training which are fantastic for anti-aging. Click here for more info on anti-aging and exercise.

And last but not least…Happiness

Christie Brinkley Skin Care Tips

Don’t lose that zest for life or let your age define you. Christie Brinkley says that her biggest and best trick to turn back the clock is to simple smile and laugh! We couldn’t agree more.

A happy and enthusiastic personality can knock years of someone’s age. People who smile and laugh will have less aging signs due to stress, have a sparkle in their eyes and a confidence that won’t quit just like our lady Brinkley. So travel the world, take up a new hobby and go out with your loved ones! Smiling and laughter are the true markers of beauty after all.

Watch this inspiring video where the queen of skincare herself explains her beauty secrets:

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