5 Best Exercises For People Who Hate Exercising!

Exercising can scare the crap out of some people. We get flashbacks of being a teen in a gym hall- sweating, feeling like you’re dying, being winded or getting laughed at.

Even the word can send chills up my spine when I’m lying in bed in the morning forcing myself to get up. However, after trying all exercises under the sun and gym roof, I’ve found 5 that help me stay fresh, fit and young looking.

Despite the name of this title, I want to tell you that exercising will keep you looking and feeling younger and I guess that’s why you’re on this site, so don’t hate it. It’s all about a positive mindset when you start your workout and doing something you love. These exercises I’m going to mention are for those who just imagine working out is running on a treadmill or using the cross-trainer for 2 hours a day without getting any results.

So I present to you the 5 exercises for people who hate exercising for top results!

5 Best Exercises For People Who Hate Exercising!


Okay, Zumba or any type of dancing that is! Zumba is by far the best exercising for people who dread the thought of exercising. Dancing to Latin and pop tunes can burn a whopping 600 calories per hour. Plus you’ll work up a major sweat, sweating out all those toxins leaving your mind clearer and your skin glowing.

2. Yoga

5 Best Exercises For People Who Hate Exercising!






Yoga is a low impact and relaxing exercising that firms and tones muscles to make your body appear more youthful. Most celebrities take part in this invigorating exercise which doesn’t even feel like exercise. It feels like you’re being kind to your body instead of punishing it. However, if you have a little more weight to lose, I’d combine it with some cardio that I mention in this list. Not to mention it’s a top stress reliever and theraputic. Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston truly vouch for yoga, so why not give it a go!

Jessica Alba even admitted that she hated any form of exercise until she found yoga!


High Intensity Interval Training. Don’t hate me for suggesting this to you. But it is great for people who don’t enjoy working out because it’s only for 30 mins. It’s more like quick and painful instead of slow and painful 🙂 It has mega results too! You can work on your cardio while toning muscle all in half an hour, 4/5 days a week. And your cardio levels will go through the roof.

You’ll feel younger, bouncier and so good after you’ve completed a session. Just type it in on youtube and follow it at home. My favourite HIIT trainer on Youtube goes by the name of Joe Wicks, he sounds like he’s suffering with you which really helps me!

No equipment, no gym fee, no excuses!


5 Best Exercises For People Who Hate Exercising!






If you feel like the world is your gym, then why not try hiking 4 times a week. Just put an hour out for yourself or family and go and visit somewhere where you can walk a lot or hike. Breathing in fresh air will make you feel more alert and all round a happier person.

5. Cleaning 
5 Best Exercises For People Who Hate Exercising!






I don’t mean run around the house cleaning all day like a 1930’s housewife but I mean 30 mins vigorous cleaning a day. If you have teenager, then you probably can clock up an hour or more! Vacuum cleaning for 30 mins can burn 200 calories or more. Turn some music on, sing along and get deep into those dusty corners. You’ll be lean and clean at the same time! Double winner! No gym required.

So there you have it! 5 ways to stay thin or lose some pounds without getting a pricy gym membership or running for hours a day.

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