Microdermabrasion Machine Review: MicrodermMD

What is a microdermabrasion machine anyway? Microdermabrasion machine review

Put simply a microdermabrasion machine is an intense exfoliator. A microdermabrasion machine is designed to totally remove the first layer of dead skin from the face and body to reveal new and younger skin underneath. Mini crystals are injected into the skin and with the suction from the machine, the crystals work their minute butts off to shed away dead skin cells which make us appear older, cause acne and block the skin from receiving vitamins and being hydrated.

Please read our Microdermabrasion at home- is it for you ? article to know everything you should know about microdermabrasion before you invest in a machine.

Why The Review Below is Important

We have worked worked worked to find the best machine. And we decided the best way to review a microdermabrasion machine is by looking at 5 aspects:

  1. Strength of Suction– to make sure the machine works effectively. You don’t want the same result as when you exfoliate, you want a major difference.
  2. The Kit (microdermabrasion tools)– to get the best out of the machine for the money spent
  3. Clinically Tested– scientific proof that it works
  4. Real testimonials and reviews– because we trust real people’s success stories
  5. Pricing– well obviously…

Our best picks: 

We have tried out 10 of the “best” home microdermabrasion products and narrowed it down to two. But out of those two MicrodermMD proved to be a 5 star home microdermabrasion product. We’ve heard a lot of chat about this product and how it’s taking the years of users’ faces and bodies. So we put it to the test… see what we found out…

Review of MicrodermMD

Name/Brand: MicrodermMD
Cheapest place to buy: Trophy Skin
Skin type: All including sensitive skin
Usable: Night/Day

  • wrinkles and fine lines
  • sun damage/ dark spots
  • age spots
  • dull skin
  • large pores
  • sagging skin
  • uneven skin tone
  • stretch marks
  • acne
  • blackheads/whiteheads
  • light/shallow scars (from acne for example)

Guarantee: 30-day guarantee and 3-year warranty
Reviews: 42 reviews with an overall rating of 5 stars which can be found at Trophy Skin
Other: Free shipping


Microdermabrasion machine

*comes in different colors

Strength of Suction

MicrodermMD is the mother of all microdermabrasion machines as it is one of the original home machines that combines diamond tipped exfoliation techniques with suction which allows you to achieve a salon-quality microdermabrasion treatment in the comfort of your own home.

We found the strength of suction perfect as it shed the dead skin but was completely pain-free.

What we love what the suction setting on the machine. For example, the skin is much thinner and more sensitive around the eyes so you don’t want the suction to be too strong. However, for your forehead (a problem area for wrinkles) and your checks have much thicker skin and therefore you need a much stronger suction to shed those layers of dead skin.

This suction function is truly only available with MicrodermMD or at very expensive salons that offer microdermabrasion for $100+ … no thanks!

The Kit (microdermabrasion tools) Microdermabrasion machine review

Maybe you can’t decide between two machines because they both seem amazing but one is 50 bucks more because it comes with extra tools and has more tools set in place to help guide you through the process. The extra 50-100 bucks will go a long way because you will get more out of the machine. 

Firstly, MicrodermMD comes with a screen telling you EXACTLY what to do, taking you through the step my step process so you don’t have to think about it at all. We thought that was great, people tend to worry about trying something new. This is one of the best and most unique anti-aging product because of this feature which is perfect for microdermabrasion virgins and advanced users too! 

Plus, the tool itself (the machine) is diamond tipped so obviously it is good quality which will give you professional results.

Additionally, MicrodermMD goes beyond deep exfoliation. It offers a range of different tips to cater to all needs. For example, there is a tip that de-clogs pores by sucking the oil out of them, there is a tip to enable creams and serums to penetrate the skin deeply and there is a tip to intensely exfoliate the whole body leaving it soft and rejuvenated. 

So with these tools, you can get the best out the machine and much more bang for your buck!

Clinically Tested Microdermabrasion machine review

In a recent clinical study of MicrodermMD, they found that 75% of the participants (females aged 35-55) experienced fine line and wrinkle reduction and 85% experienced a decrease in the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Not convinced? Check out the clinical test here

Real testimonials and reviews- what did people say?

I recently purchased the microderm md  and I can already see a significant difference in the texture of my skin.I’ve used it several times and my skin feels softer especially if when I apply my makeup. I’m very happy with my purchase and I look forward to keeping it in my skin care routine.

This machine really does do what it says on the tin, i have only used it 6 times but so far I am really starting
to notice a difference in the size of my pores and my turkey neck is definitely getting tighter and smoother
which is fantastic!
Microderm MD is very easy to use. The Auto Mode is very helpful for first time users. But I was able to use Manual
Mode immediately on my 2nd use. The suction power is like the ones in the professional derm clinics. And
you have the option for gentler suction if you feel it’s too strong for you. After my first use, I noticed an
improvement on my skin already. Well
it’s not crystal clear right away but the
following morning, no more skin
dullness and my cheeks had a slight pinkish glow. Can’t wait to see the effect

on my skin after continued use. 

Btw the people from trophy skin responds to emails and queries right away.
You even have the option for a live chat for your questions on their website.

I’m an esthetician and wanted something I could use at home for myself that didn’t cost thousands of dollars.
Besides this product being awesome and effective, the customer service with This company is amazing
and that means a lot. I highly suggest this product for someone who wants to improve their skin at home
at an affordable price!
-Bayle. T.


Check out the before and after testimonial after using the one and only MicrodermMD:

Microdermabrasion machine review

There is nothing better than knowing that many people have had skincare success stories when using a product. If you’re on the fence about trying a new product, these reviews and this rare before and after picture prove the power of MicrodermMD.

Any bad sides? 

Now, we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t discuss any of the negatives. It’s our duty to show you the good, the bad and the ugly.

We actually couldn’t find anything wrong with the product. One minor detail is that microdermabrasion will not fix very deep set wrinkles, however, it does definitely fix normal wrinkles and fine lines. Even in a salon, deep wrinkles wouldn’t be treatable with this method. So we suggest combining microdermabrasion with a potent anti-wrinkle cream. Click here for more details.  


The price is so important when investing in a product. MicrodermMD is worth $299. With MicrodermMD, it is definitely worth your hard-earned cash because of the generous 3-year warranty. We did some maths and came up with this sexy calculation: if the machine only worked for 3 years (it works much longer than usually but we will calculate the worst case scenario), you would be spending $100 a year on one of the best skincare machines out there. Plus, if you do the treatment once a week (so $100/52 treatments), that means each treatment is only $2!!! That is crazy. Let’s compare it to a salon- $100 per treatment plus the time it takes to go to the salon every month- you’re saving $900!

The shocking calculations prove that MicrodermMD at home machine is well worth your bucks. At Age Beautifully, we go by the idea that the more you initially pay, the less expensive it is in the short run. And lord it’s true in this case.

Our rating:
4.9 star. A truly life-changing product.
We hope you enjoyed our review. Happy skin shedding!


Microdermabrasion machine

Microdermabrasion machine review

Visit the MicrodermMD site for more info!

Used MicrodermMD before? Share your success in our comment section below!



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