Facial Exercises- Natural Elasticizin’ Not Fake Plasticizin’ !


Facial Exercises- Natural Elasticizin’ is better than Fake Plasticizin’

Give yourself a face lift… minus the surgery!

We believe that natural face exercises (increasing elasticity and flexibility) is much better than sometimes false-looking plastic surgery.  Of course, it is up to you whether surgery is the answer to your aging skin, but natural is always better and leaves less of a dent in your pocket, specially in these purse-pinching times! Here are some of the top and most effective easy facial exercises you can do daily: NO MONEY, NO EQUIPMENT. The most age-defying stars such as the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow, 43, and Jennifer Anniston, 47 use facial yoga as part of their daily skin care routine- yes that is there age! They look better than ever. Who says your skin reaches its peak in your 20’s?


So without further ado, here are the top anti-aging facial exercises:

#1. How to Reduce Wrinkles on Your Forehead

Facial Exercies

As we age, wrinkles form on our forehead. This could be due to many factors including genetics, stress and how much you express yourself through your facial expressions. We urge everyone to make sure they are not raising their eyebrows or frowning too much as it just deepens wrinkles. If you continue to deepen your wrinkles, they will become much harder to eradicate.

Exercise: This one is so easy! Start from the middle of your forehead with your fingers (both hands), push your fingers in an outwards motion smoothing out those wrinkle lines. Do the 20 x to achieve a wrinkle-less forehead.


#2. How to Iron Out Wrinkles Around The Eyes

Facial Exercises


Another huge issue people have are wrinkles round the eyes. It can make you look really wise and be a sign of lots of laughing but it can make us look older. way beyond our actual years. Skin inevitably gets looser as we age so we have to practice face exercises to keep everything firm.

Exercise: With your index fingers, place them at the end of each eye and lift for resistance. Then lift your bottom eyelid as if to squint. Feel the tension. Repeat 10 x.


#3. How to Kick the Double Chin 

Facial Exercises

We absolutely love this one. The double chin is a big problem for many people. It is believed that a double chin just comes from being over weight but it can also be because of genetics but also lack of facial exercising! So, unfortunately, even losing the pounds may not shed off the double chin.

Exercise: With your neck long and upright looking slightly up, place your bottom lip over your upper lip. You will feel the underneath of your chin tighten. With the palms of your hand, rub/stroke with pressure the underneath of your chin (the problem area). Do this for 5 seconds and repeat 10 x. It will also strengthen your chin. We do this on a daily basis.



#4. How to Tighten the Jaw Line

Facial Exercies

The all-important muscle which connects your jawline to your shoulders is called the Platysma. As we get older, this muscle becomes less tight making your neck and jaw line appear saggy and can cause everything to go down south leading to a double chin. This makes us look considerably older.

Exercise:  Look to the ceiling and touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue. You with feel your neck tighten. So this 5 x for 30 seconds daily and a tighter jawline.

#5. How to Smooth out Mouth Wrinkles 


Lines around the mouth are a common problem for aging skin and worsens if you are a long-term smoker because of the squeezing motion you do with your lips. Fear not! There is a great exercise to do to lessen this issue.

Exercise:  This one is super easy. Inhale air and hold it in your top and bottom lips (of course keeping your mouth closed. This will stretch out the wrinkles around the mouth area. Do for 5 secs, 10x a day.

  #6. How to Enhance the Cheekbones 


A  well sculpted face is a marker of youth and health. Think: contour queen Kim Kardashian who still looks 20. Enhanced cheek bones will make you look healthy and hot! No wonder the contouring phenomenon is all about bringing out the cheekbones. But we like to do it au naturel- you don’t need make up  to get good cheekbones.

Exercise: Curl your bottom lip over the bottom set of teeth. Smile and look up (45 degrees). You shout feel your cheek muscles tighten. Another great one is where you inhale air and hold it in your cheek. Push the air from each side of the cheek for 5 seconds then exhale. This can be done while watching TV, working, cooking or driving- basically anytime! Try to do 40 daily.

#7. How to Lift Those Brows


We also loose eyebrow muscle with age as they start to loosen and sag. This can make people look much older, tired and all around a tad gloomy. Lifted eyebrows make you appear more alert, happy and youthful.

Exercise: Use your finger tips to hold your eyebrows, hold/press right below the brows.  Isolate your eyebrows and add some pressure to your eyebrow muscles by lifting them slightly up and outwards (like you’re a bit surprised at something). Try not to crinkle your forehead. Keep your eyes wide and open. Hold for 10 seconds. Then, keeping your fingers underneath your eyebrows, with the muscles above your brows this time, push them down (a slight frown). The pressure of your fingers holds them up while you squeeze your eyebrows down which makes the eyebrows tighter and firmer. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat each exercise 7-10 times a day.

So that’s it! Remember: you don’t have to do all the exercises every day, do a few one day and a few the next.  

Want More??

For more facial yoga exercises, check this system out with the skin aerobics expert, Wendy Wilken: Face lift Without Surgery 

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