Anti Aging Makeup Tips: Makeup Brushes Making Us Age & The Top Makeup Brush Freebie. Shocking Info!

Anti aging makeup tips

Prepare for one of the best anti aging makeup tips of 2016- the importance of the makeup brush. I often get asked how my skin looks flawless with even coverage. My answer certainly is not my blemish free skin- it is how I apply my make up. Like everyone, I have darker areas, reddish areas and dark circles. Read on for game-changing information about makeup brushes and claim your free professional makeup brush. 

Of course the main thing is to look after your skin from the get go- antioxidant rich foods and creams. But most of us, need a quick fix and that means makeup becomes our best friend.

Lots of people make the terrible mistake of applying concealers, foundations and sometimes even powders with their fingers or extremely low quality brushes because let’s face it, we don’t have the time to be looking for the “perfect” brush for each piece of makeup.

The best brushes tend to have super soft and many thin bristles. The more the bristles, the more liquid and powder makeup will show up efficiently and flawlessly. Have you ever bought a cheap brush and ended up with streak marks 10 mins after applying, I have! There was no point in me splashing out on an all-important anti aging foundation and then having a useless brush.

Anti aging makeup tips

So, what happens to your skin when using a lousy brush?

  1. Your dark or age spots are enhanced or more spots seem to appear. If liquid or especially powder makeup is not properly blended in, the makeup is not applied evenly and spots of makeup start to gather making skin appear discolored/uneven. So parts of the skin will be darker and other parts whiter. Some makeup will sit on the dark spots making the spots you had in the first place look worse. Surely, that’s not what you want?!
  2. If makeup is not applied evenly then it can fall into wrinkles making them appear deeper. This often occurs around the eyes. This appears on 20-year-olds and up, so it is wise to start using a good brush when you are young.
  3. Low quality brushes harm the skin causing more wrinkles. That’s right ladies. Poorer brushes get dirty quicker and can lead to oxidative stress caused by free radicals which break down collagen and elastin. The harsh thick bristles can also cause little scratches on the skin.
  4. Makeup just won’t do its job. Your makeup will just look rushed and uneven. Dark circles and blemishes will not be covered up by the makeup well at least not for very long if not applied correctly. It’s not for no reason that top makeup artists have high quality brushes. Ever got a makeover from a professional and looked more flawless than if you were to apply the same product yourself? It’s probably because of the brush they used.
  5. Cheap brushes are makeup thieves! Cheap brushes soak up products making you go through your makeup quickly.
  6. Waste of money. Because of the latter reasons, they are waste of your hard-earned cash.

Best and Cheapest Brush? Free Professional Brush!  

With all this information you may be thinking about tossing out your old brush for a new flawless coverage brush. At AgeBeautifully we have a great eye for a bargain and have come across a $24 dollar Mieoko makeup brush that are currently being given away for FREE by the massive American Beauty Association national promotion.

The Mieoko brush has 22,000 bristles compared to the average 4000. This brush is the secret to glowing skin, a perfect finish and for free! After your free brush, you will see a huge difference and best part is, it is a really affordable brush anyhow and doesn’t soak up product.

So value for money… check! It is perfect for both liquid and powder and provides medium to heavy coverage so it’s the only anti aging makeup tool you’ll need to look younger and fresher. Due to heavy coverage, it diminishes ages spots and other blemishes. Paired with a great anti aging foundation you will reach your skin goals. Another fantastic feature is that the bristles don’t fall off and get trapped underneath your makeup which is very common with most drugstore brushes.

Anti aging makeup tips

Anti aging makeup tips

Just have a peek at the results between a Mieoko brush and an ordinary brush:

Anti aging makeup tips

 Try this free gift yourself and take beauty into your own hands. 

Real People, Real Reviews

“This brush is awesome. It is so soft and does not feel as though it’s cheaply made. Leaves a flawless coverage. I’ve used cheap makeup brushes my whole life and decided to try something new. Boy, am I glad that I did. This makeup brush feels so soft when applying ANY kind of foundation. Highly recommend.”

-Anita, CA.

“I don’t think I will ever use anything else to apply foundation”

-Katie, AZ.

SO there you have it.

This article provided all the reasons why you need a great makeup brush to turn back the clock and one of the best anti  aging brushes on the market, currently for free.

Please let us know your thoughts and any of your own anti aging makeup tips you’d like to share.

Rachel, Age Beautifully

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