Anti-Aging and Exercise

Anti-aging and Exercise


Anti-aging and Exercise, is it really effective?

It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle is going to work wonders for anti-aging. Leading a healthy lifestyle is easy and is all to do with making small habits that make a big difference. If you make something easy, then you are more likely to do and thus it becomes a habit. Doing something you like is crucial also. Anti-aging and exercise are not often linked together because people forget that stress, mood and anxiety is effected by exercise and stress effects aging. Put simply exercise=less stress=better skin (generally speaking). Recent studies have shown how exercising has a huge impact on your body, not just fitness and longevity but on your skin. The best thing is that exercise releases the hormone endorphin which makes you feel happy thus reducing stress. See our stress page for more information about stress and anti-aging.

Research on Exercise and Skin

Let’s take a look at the research from McCaster University. Although there has notrikonasana-929846_1280t been much conclusive research on the topic there has been research that suggests that there are many benefits of exercising and improving or preventing aging skin. A group of 29 females and males between 20 and 84 year old were put to the test. Half of the group were given an exercise regime to do which included 2-3 hours of quite strong to vigorous exercise and the other half stayed sedentary over the testing period. A skin test from the buttock area was taken (to make sure it was fair as that area is not exposed to the sun) and the ones who had been exercising had visibly better skin than those who were sedentary.

An even more interesting study was done on over 65 year old participants that had not been big exercisers in the past. They were instructed to carry out a fitness routine over the course of 3 months, 3 times a week jogging or cycling. The results of the before and after buttock samples were pretty remarkable. The results showed that  the over 65’s skin tests (inner and out layer of skin) looked like that of a healthy 20 to 40 year old’s skin. Pretty astonishing that you can even reverse aging through exercise! The reason for this may be because of certain types of proteins named myokines are created by muscle cells. Type IL-15 was found in the participants’ skin biopsies in higher concentrations than those that didn’t exercise.

However, the research does note that the study needs much more extensive testing and the sample was rather small. It also does not take into account the participants’diet or genetics. But still it suggests that some exercising certainly cannot be a bad thing for your skin. However, it has been noted that over exercising can have adverse effects in terms of aging.

How often?

30 minutes a day may keep the wrinkles away! The recommended weekly exercise is 3 times a week for 30 minutes, however, studies show that 2 times a week has significant results too.

Which Exercises for Anti-aging?

Aerobic is good if it is light jogging or cycling now and again. However anaerobic is the best- this is resistance training so basically toning your muscles. You can lift light weights that will tone up areas that have started to sag making you appear healthy, fit and younger. Try using light weights for toning your arms, squats for your bum and sits up for your tum. It should be something you enjoy so it doesn’t feel like a chore. Doing pilates and yoga can be great at tightening up areas making your body appear firmer and younger. Exercise has been proven time and again to make you less stressed and happier, also improving sleep which can make your skin appear rejuvenated too. Exercise produces hormones such as dopamine and serotonine which are known as happy hormones. Yoga, especially outdoors can be so relaxing, releasing stress which is so important to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh. Have a look at our page about stress and the effects on aging skin. Namaste.


In case you feel a bit lost on what specific trainings you should do we recommend you to take a look at the following video. The company that made this video has exercise trainings for you specialized in anti-aging and skin care.


Anti-Aging and Exercise

15 thoughts on “Anti-aging and Exercise

  1. Hello
    l like exercising as anti aging,it`s cheap in comparison to buying all the lotions out there which at times do not work.
    l have never done pilates or yoga, im too impatient for any of these but l might give it a try.
    l do not want to age gracefully,l prefer to age beautifully so your site is a real motivation.
    Thanks for a nice read.

    1. Hello Roamy, nice to hear that you like the article. We love writing about it. Let me know how the yoga worked out for you. Meditation works very good as well since it’s one of the best natural ways to reduce stress. You can always ask for more advice 🙂

  2. Just wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your publish is just
    excellent and that i could suppose you’re knowledgeable in this subject.

    Well along with your permission allow me to grab your feed to stay up to date with impending post.
    Thank you a million and please continue the gratifying work.

  3. hi there!
    Well I have to agree that exercise is good no matter what. Staying active is key in aging well. And living well at all ages. You brought up a good point however that the study did not take into consideration the participants’ diet and genetics, two big factors to consider. And yes the sample size was not big. But still keeping active will rarely lead to bad results. It keeps your system going, including your heart and blood pumping. It makes you feel alive at any age!

  4. Hi I really enjoyed your site and liked what you had to say…Very motivating and inspiring.
    I agree, exercise is the key to looking young as well as it is good for your health.
    I have always had comments on my skin and looking at least 10 yrs younger then my age.
    I think if you maintain a good diet and exercise and have a good positive attitude in life, one can live a long time and look good too.
    I look forward to more of your inspiring and helpful information.

    1. I totally agree. The natural ways to age beautifully work good. However, for the people that don’t have enough time to exercise we have many other recommendations also on our website. Thnx for the post 🙂

  5. My Mom is 75 years old and looks about 45-50. She goes to the gym 3 days a week and works out for 30-45 minutes. Now I know why she looks so young. That and good genes. Can you tell me what work out you suggest for someone (like me) who hasn’t worked out in about 3 years?

  6. Nice post! It’s good to know that exercising 2 times a week and 30 minutes each time is enough to keep the wrinkles away 🙂 I have difficulties allocating time for my exercises and reading your post clears a lot of doubts for me. Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi Gin, great to hear this article helped your willpower to exercise. Exercise also has amazon results for stress and less stress can reduce your age with 10 years over a lifetime!We will post more about that soon.

  7. Hi Paul and Rachel,
    Thanks for this article, it actually speaks volumes to me. I obviously need to exercise but I didn’t know it had such great benefits to your skin as well as your health. One such effect would also be the increased circulation boost to your skin which would help to hydrate and nourish. Thanks for inspiring me!

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